Shaping the world

A global education for the 21st Century

The world is changing at an incredible pace. We must prepare our students for jobs that have not been created, for technologies that have not been invented and to solve problems that have not yet been anticipated. At Globeducate we are working on the future every day, continually striving to build the best education that will equip each of our students to shape the world. In each of our locations, in France, Spain, Italy, the UK, Portugal, Canada, India, Malaysia and Andorra, we offer each Globeducate student a well-rounded, innovative, multi-cultural and personalised education designed to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Across our global network of schools we use targeted teaching methods, we commit to the professional development of teachers and we offer a rich variety of extra-curricular activity programmes ensuring each student has the opportunity to become a global citizen who can shape the world.

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Discovering and nurturing talent

At Globeducate we believe that 21st-century learning must prepare each student for a future that many of us don’t yet understand and cannot predict. To navigate such uncertainty, beyond their academic learning, each student must develop creativity, self-confidence and perseverance. We carefully design and create opportunities to ensure that each student discovers and develops his or her skills in a positive, nurturing and enriching learning environment. Our Globeducate schools are culturally and linguistically diverse, allowing us to cultivate a truly global approach to prepare our students for working within an international framework in the future. Our schools offer a wide range of extra-curricular activity programmes, Globeducate exchange programmes and competitions, conferences and workshops designed to develop our students’ inherent skills and abilities in a positive, focused and exciting learning environment.

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Globeducate Welcomes Cambridge House Community College, Spain

We are delighted to welcome Cambridge House Community College in Valencia to Globeducate. This highly distinguished British international school, with a roll of 1,700 students, was the first in Spain to gain joint BSO (British School Overseas) and NABSS (National Association for British Schools in Spain) accreditation, and we congratulate the students and staff on […]

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Globeducate Welcomes IB and Bilingual School and Pre-School in Milan

Globeducate – one of the leading K-12 premium bilingual and international school groups worldwide with 55 schools, and online programmes, in nine countries – welcomes the Bilingual European School (BES) and the British American Preschool (BAPS), Milan. BES and BAPS join ICS Milan, becoming the group’s second school in Milan and our fifth school in […]

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Outstanding A-level Results for Globeducate Students

Globeducate, one of the world’s leading premium international, bilingual and online schools organisations, today announced its congratulations to A-level students in the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Chief Education Officer Daniel Jones, commented “We are extremely proud of our schools’ outstanding A-level results this year. Students in every Globeducate school are celebrating record results. […]

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ICS London Success in Film making and Animation

Move over Cannes Film Festival! Students at ICS London competed in the Independent Schools Association  Film and Digital Art Competition 2021 and wowed judges from One Day Film School with their storytelling, creativity and digital animation skills. ICS London Diploma 1 students, aged 16 to 17, won the ISA award in their category of “Computer […]

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