The annual Teach Meet Design event took place in Munich and Andrea Blades, Head of Design Technology from ICS London, came away feeling inspired to make an even bigger impact on Design education.



Design teachers traveled from countries as wide and far as Peru, London, Spain, Austria, Germany and Saudi Arabia to collaborate on workshops and round-table discussions. Workshops were run by the different teachers attending, giving an opportunity for teachers to network with other like-minded people, developing new units of enquiry and enhancement of subject knowledge.

Workshops included; assessment, ePortfolio, creative drawing, digital design, health and safety and many more.

Andrea Blades, Design Teacher at ICS London, said, “What started off as gathering of 15 teachers five years ago has turned into a dynamic group of 40 teachers, who will hopefully carry on this formula around other international schools in the IB community.  My takeaways from the event have been to enhance creativity, by encouraging students to spend more time designing and creating and less time trying to articulate themselves thought writing,  to find ways to collaborate with other IB schools in London and across the Globeducate group.  A common theme that came up was that Design is and will always be one of the most important subjects for students. It offers them transferable skills through creative thinking, being able to critically assess and to communicate their ideas. A huge thank you to Rob and his team for hosting and all the teachers who contributed at the event.”

Andrea´s MYP3 Design students recently took part in a live competition with the Design Museum in London, Design Ventura. It is a nationwide competition open to more than 100 secondary schools and students from ICS London take part each year and last year ICS London students reached the finals and came third overall. With this flagship learning project, students develop design thinking, creative and business capabilities and employability skills. Andrea returned from this Teach Meet Design conference even more inspired to work with her MYP2 Design students on next year´s competition.

Education Director of Globeducate Oanh Crouch, said: “With several of our schools offering IB programmes, some of which are IB World Schools, it is fantastic to see our teachers building on the learning communities we have established within our own organisation, where we share good practice and learn from others. This culture of collaboration also extends to the links we have fostered with outside agencies and groups we are affiliated to.”

The “Teach Meet Design” annual event is open to all Design teachers and details are always shared on the IB Design Facebook group.




10 / 01 / 20