Globeducate´s Chief Education Officer Daniel Jones formed part of an expert panel in a recent webinar hosted by The Education Executive Consulting Group, EECG.

The webinar´s expert panel discussed the subject of Leading through the Pandemic: Leadership qualities, new methodologies, leading through uncertainty and ambiguity, maintaining strong collegiate spirits among regionally distributed executive teams, and how leaders can support academic leaders and classroom practitioners.

“It was a real pleasure to take part in the educational leadership conference and listen to the perspectives of leaders from around the world across a range of educational contexts. It was reassuring to hear how each organisation is navigating similar challenges and learning valuable lessons from dealing with Covid-19. Strong leadership is clearly as relevant as ever to care for our communities, innovate and become stronger going forward,” Daniel Jones commented.

Globeducate was able to adapt quickly to the demands brought about by school closures as the group has four schools in Italy, with ICS Milan being the first to be affected. It was clear that there was the potential for school closures in Spain, France, the UK and Canada and so preparations were made swiftly. As well as providing training for teachers and the tools needed, the school day also had to adapt and be more flexible, and it was necessary to provide parents with support during the school holidays as well. Globeducate´s Education Director Oanh Crouch designed Easter and Summer programmes to support families – from coding and robotics to daily fitness activities and art projects.

A number of whole-group online webinars and summits were also launched through the Globeducate collaboration with WWF. This allowed schools to progress with their commitment to delivering a meaningful education on sustainability; schools were also invited to join the first ever Globeducate virtual debating event.

The key message that Daniel Jones gave was that in this time of new challenges, new ways of learning, it is crucial to consider what has the most impact on learning and that what still matters most is relationships – the best online provision remains that in which we can engage meaningfully with others.


26 / 06 / 20