Globeducate announces a newly formed Global Advisory Board of five international leading figures in Educational policy, sustainability, technology and curriculum which will provide a forum for new ideas and collaboration.

The group includes former UK Secretary of State for Education Baroness Estelle Morris, renowned educator and author Professor Mick Waters, from the UK; award-winning computer scientist and AI researcher Dr Nuria Oliver, from Spain; global school improvement expert Trillium Hibbeln currently based in Shanghai; and Carlo Giardinetti, based in at Franklin University, Switzerland, advising on sustainability and net-zero strategies in organisations.

“We are delighted to be able to count on the support, insights and advice from these leaders in the fields of international education, research, governmental institutions, sustainability and digital technologies,” explains Chief Education Officer for Globeducate, Daniel Jones. “ The board members have generously agreed to give their time to Globeducate on a voluntary basis and will meet with us as a group twice a year as well as visit our schools. They are excited by our work and are keen to lend their support to our mission to enable each student to shape the world.”

Globeducate CEO Luca Uva said: “This project has been important to us for a long time. Now, in this post-COVID-19 period, we find education at the heart of recovery and we are delighted to be working with these five leading international figures. I know they are looking forward to visiting our schools, where they will witness first-hand some of the great work that is taking place. We are all excited about where this latest powerful union will take us.”

Global Advisory Board Members

Baroness Estelle Morris

Former Minister of Education, England, and Chair of Institute of Effective Education, Member of the House of Lords. Baroness Morris taught in an inner-city multiracial comprehensive school for 18 years and entered parliament in 1992, leaving in 2005 to be a member of the House of Lords. She is also a trustee of The National Poetry Archive and chairs the Council at Goldsmiths College, London.

Professor Mick Waters

Former Head of the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and renowned educator, author and researcher; former Chief Education Officer for Manchester and current President of the Curriulcum Foundation. Mick began his career in primary teaching and is still often found working with children in classrooms. He is known for pushing the boundaries to improve learning and to make schools better.

 Dr Nuria Oliver

Award-winning researcher and Fellow of European Association of Artificial Intelligence; Computer Scientist, Ph.D from Media Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Youngest female member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering and named Engineer of the Year by the Professional Association of Telecommunication Engineers of Spain (PATE), Nuria is an inventor and is passionate about making inspiring young people to pursue careers in technology, and to make technology more accessible to non-technical audiences.

Carlo Giardinetti

Sustainability Lead Advisor, Deloitte.  Dean of Executive Education, Franklin University, Switzerland. Carlo specialises in continuing and executive education, and brings a diverse range of experience – from professional football and hospitality to leadership coaching – to his role. He is currently researching financing net-zero strategies for organisations.

Trillium Hibbeln

Associate Director for Accreditation and School Improvement for the Commission on International Education at NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges.) In this role, Trillium supports 300 + schools in 82 countries as they seek to transform into learning communities of the future. Trillium founded non-profit organisation, the Power of Education, which operates a KG to grade 9 school and community development program in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and is passionate about educational access and quality in developing countries, education in crisis and girl’s education.

14 / 10 / 21