The fifth Globeducate Academic Olympics were hosted by Agora Sant Cugat International School, Barcelona over three days in November 2019.

One of six official Globeducate events that bring students together from ten countries, this year´s event saw 175 students visit from 22 different schools and seven countries across the group. And what a superb event all involved were treated to, with the theme of the Periodic Table for team names and an Eco theme connected to the Globeducate Agenda goals.



The event offered students a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures and to establish links with colleagues from all over the world through working together in mixed teams as they complete different tasks and activities over the four days.

The challenges involved an Escape Room with students playing the roles of research scientists trying to find the antidote to a virus created by a mad scientist who wanted to destroy the Earth´s eco-system; a Shaping the World role-play activity focusing on consumption of oil and plastic and the effects on the Amazon Rainforest and its tribal communities. A third challenge focused on Communication Skills through a TV contest filmed with the school´s Vocational Training facilities and the output of an Academic Olympics TV Show. Away from the school, students worked in Barcelona city centre to answer cultural quiz questions, find a specific location and to make a one-minute film of their experience.

Director of Agora Sant Cugat International School Vicente Gandol, said, “We were delighted to host this group participation event, with students not working as individual schools but in mixed groups. It is the perfect way for students to get to know each other in a much better way and be able to share their experiences, culture and knowledge. We were able to form 18 teams all named after chemical elements.”

Oanh Crouch, Director of Education for Globeducate, said, “The Academic Olympics at Sant Cugat was a celebration of our global community as our students combined their skills of collaboration, problem solving, logical reasoning and dialogical thinking while focused on taking action towards achieving the UN Sustainable Goals – to ensure the world that we pass on is in the best possible condition it can be. With our world in their hands, I feel very confident about our future.”

06 / 01 / 20