Students took to their screens to meet up with fellow young debaters from across Globeducate between 14th and 17th June for the first Globeducate Debate.  More than 100 competitors aged nine to 18, from 21 schools and seven countries and 15 cities, competed in 40 teams and enjoyed internal school debates before selecting their representative teams.

This was a virtual four-day event spanning four time zones which invited participants to engage in lively and persuasive discourse. Organised and hosted by Globeducate Education Directors, the focus is to encourage participation and the opportunity for students to showcase their debating and research skills across our schools.

Captain Ian Clarke, British Defence Diplomat at the British Embassy, Madrid, spoke to students at the opening of the event. He shared many tips and offered his advice to our students: be credible and honest; use language that your audience will understand; and include key points that you would like your audience to take away and remember.”

“This 4-day event encapsulates our mission to provide opportunity for our students to connect on a global platform and to share the high calibre of debating skills we have in our schools. My thanks to the teachers who have supported the students to help them achieve at such an impressive level of fluency, passion, poise and confidence.”

Oanh Crouch, Globeducate, Director of Education

“It is always a pleasure to engage with other Globeducate schools and the students really appreciate being able to participate in an extracurricular since we do not have many at this school. Thank you, Oanh!”

Lana de Beer, History Teacher, Nobel Algarve Portugal

 “The participation and enthusiasm of the students and all those involved – this was the highlight of my students´ year and they already have their minds on next year’s debates. I am so happy my students put so much energy into this event. They are very proud of what they accomplished as well as humbled by the overall quality. Thank you for this opportunity and your efforts in such an impeccable organisation. It’s put a wonderful cap on a challenging year!

Matthew Blackburn, Teacher, EIB Monceau France

 “It was an incredibly positive experience for the students and one that we have really enjoyed. The ability to link with another school to take part in the event and the opportunity to put into practice the children’s debating skills that they had worked on. The ability to have a ‘real’ debate scenario with a sense of formality and occasion beyond the classroom setting. ”

Leigh Davis, Teacher, O Castro British School Vigo Spain

 “I enjoyed preparing for the debate and liked meeting people from other schools, and I think it is great.”

Martin, student,  O Castro British International School, Vigo, Spain

“The passion of the presentations, the wide range of rhetorical devices used and the flexibility to react to what was being said all contributed to the sheer enjoyment of the occasion. I feel privileged to be taking part.”

James Dyde, Stonar School, UK

“This was an amazing debate and an excellent presentation on the part of each person involved. Students used clear statements, quotes, humour, strong rhetorical questions and powerful rebuttals throughout. It was a pleasure to hear and participate in. Thank you, Oanh for organising this opportunity and making it possible! All of our debaters are excited and want to come back again. I look forward to more Globeducate events such as this one.”

Anna Lilliman – Blyth Burlington –  Canada 

Follow this link to Captain Ian Clarke´s advice to our Globeducate debaters.


22 / 06 / 21