“Twenty minutes a day will set you on your way!”

By reading just twenty minutes a day, when they reach the end of Primary School, students are more likely to score 90% better than their peers in tests; this is the statistic that formed the foundation of a global recommendation that children read for 20 minutes per day – and this starts early. Neuroscience provides compelling evidence that 75-90% of brain growth occurs in the first give years of life.

To ignite a passion for reading, and to expand our reading horizons, a team of expert literacy teachers from numerous Globeducate schools have gathered together to create the 2020 Globeducate Reading Challenge, in which thousands of students from multiple international schools will participate. The challenge will run for three weeks and students will be taking home age-targeted challenge record booklets this week. Teachers will receive a bespoke menu of reading inspiration points.

Education Director for Globeducate said, “In its inaugural year, the Globeducate Reading Challenge is just one of our many initiatives we have implemented to promote a love of reading and engaging a community of readers. Open to readers of all ages (Early, Junior and Senior readers), the purpose of the Reading Challenge is to challenge ourselves as readers to read more books, read books from a different genre, read aloud to family and friends, to read more difficult books and to spend more time reading. We are greatly looking forward to seeing the impact this challenge has within our schools.”

Children who read for just 20 minutes a day see 1.8 million words each year, compared with the child who is reading for just one minute per day; they only see 8000 words each year. A small amount of reading makes an incredible difference! (Nagy and Herman, 1987).


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