The first international Globeducate Reads event took place on February 12th, led by Education Director Oanh Crouch and Assistant Education Director Monica Fontán. More than 30 Globeducate schools dedicated one hour of reading, then passed the ´baton´ to the next school; reading for an hour, all together in school or at home. The aim of Globeducate Reads was to raise awareness of: promoting a love of reading, improvement of reading skills and promoting levels of comprehension – and to bring as many members of our global family together to celebrate reading.

The schools across Globeducate’s network celebrated the day in varied and exciting ways. Staff and students at Blyth Academy London campus in Ontario, Canada, had a wonderful and relaxing time reading some of their favourite books in the classroom. ICS Paris students took a very cosy approach by “reading by the campfire”. The students put blankets over the desks and brought flash lights and books – they sat underneath their desks to make it feel like they were in a tent. The teacher put a fire image on the projector to make students feel like they were at a campfire – a very imaginative way to ‘transport’ students out of the classroom so they can enjoy an hour of reading.

Agora International school Andorra IB and 4th ESO students read to their younger peers (from early years to 6th grade) and told stories in all four of the school’s languages: English, Spanish, French and Catalan. Agora Sant Cugat students read and reordered a text by Serena Williams, working in groups. Once they had their part of the text organised, they shared it with other groups until all the text was correct. Finally they read through the text to the rest of their class and held a debate about the topic.

ICS Milan did the secret reader teacher swap for Globeducate Reads, where the teachers in the primary school swapped classrooms to read to a different class of students that wasn’t their own class. This meant the students didn’t know which teacher they were going to get and had to figure out which teacher was reading to them.

“It is always wonderful when an event brings together the whole learning community. The Globeducate Reading challenge was a fantastic experience connecting readers across all ages and stages of our global classrooms. There is no greater joy than sharing the world of imagination with children through words and verse. The only negative comment from our students and staff? ‘ Please Sir, I want some more! ( quote from Oliver by Charles Dickens)”.

Antonia Giovanazzi, Executive Principal, ICS Milan

“This was a great event that brought together students from Preschool to Secondary School, National and International Sections, Staff and Families for the purpose of reading. These are the kinds of activities we are always proud to promote”.

Isabel Avó, Librarian and Teacher, Nobel Algarve

“O Castro thoroughly enjoyed kicking off our hour of reading for Globeducate Reads. Coming to school with our slippers, blankets and pillows to made sure that we were extremely comfortable and gave everyone a chance to relax and simply enjoy the pleasure of reading for a whole hour. It was lovely to see the variety of books that everyone brought in to share and amazing to learn how many different languages we can all read in!  We wish we could do this every day and are already looking forward to the next event!”.

Jo Broughton – O Castro British International School

“Lledó chose the 20:00 – 21:00 slot to extend the activity to our whole community and it was amazing to see entire families reading together. We received many beautiful photos and truly impressive videos, with students as young as two involved. I was personally touched to see one of my own four-year-old students, retelling the story of “Pete the Cat: I Love my White shoes” in English, even though his version of the book was in Spanish. It is such a special feeling when students engage with such enthusiasm in your activities.”

Lucy Durance, English coordinator for infant and primary school, Agora Lledó International School

Our students are looking forward to more Reading and literature events during March, including Globeducate Poetry Slam March 22nd – 26th, Reading with View on March 31st, and World Book Day on April 23rd.

15 / 02 / 21