Globeducate Chief Education Officer Daniel Jones shares his thoughts on this year’s outstanding International Baccalaureate Diploma results.

The results are in — the 2019/20 school year was the most challenging year in modern times and Globeducate schools saw significant academic improvement across the board.

Our Diploma group average this year was 33.5 points, an improvement on 31.4 in 2018/19, topping the IB World Average of 29.9.  Globeducate schools saw a perfect maximum score of 45/45 in ICS Paris and 44/45 in both Agora International School Madrid and Agora Portals International School, Mallorca. Agora Lledó International School, one of the leading private schools in the Valencian Community in Spain, celebrated an impressive average score of 37. Five of our schools had a 100 per cent pass rate. Our IB Diploma courses are open to students of all academic abilities, which makes our results even more impressive.

GCSE and IGCSE results in Globeducate schools were better than ever, with a school average of 92 per cent  for a good pass (A*-C; 9-4), which is up 8 per cent compared to 2019 (84%), and significantly higher than the UK national GCSE averages of 79 per cent in 2020 or 67 per cent in 2019.

At A-level, the average percentage of students who gained A* to C in Globeducate schools was a record 87 per cent, up from 71 per cent in 2019, including 91 per cent at both Stonar and O Castro British School, which entered students for the first time. 100 per cent of Stonar students passed their A-levels, and 99 per cent of O Castro students. More than half of all O Castro grades were awarded at A* or A in A-level. At Nobel International School Algarve, A-Level grades saw an improvement of 5 per cent for A* to C.

In the Spanish National Bachillerato, GLobeducate students’ average score was above 7/10 for the first time. In France, as well as ICS Paris´ top IB score of 45, EIB Lycée Etoile, recently ranked in the top 20 Lycées by Le Figaro, saw a 100% pass rate of the French national Baccalauréat with 96% achieving ‘mentions´, another cause for celebration among students across our global family who faced their final year´s work from behind a computer, working remotely with their teachers. During the same year, EIB Monceau, a feeder school for the Lycée, was ranked in the top three middle schools in France.

These scores are a testament to Globeducate’s outstanding teaching  the group’s agile response to the challenges posed by Covid-19 and how well our school communities have adapted to e-learning.

Congratulations to our students and to their teachers who have worked tirelessly this year to achieve such excellent results. It goes without saying that this has been an unusual year. With all of the changes and certainty of external examinations, our weekly video meetings with schools provided a supportive platform for school leaders to share new and changing information, to interpret the new protocols and to access how these new systems could be incorporated feasibly within our schools according to their different contexts.

Oanh Crouch, Education Director of Globeducate, has been working very closely with educators across the group on a day-to-day basis and said, “Before Covid and lockdown hit, we had already created meaningful connections between our teachers on a global scale and the approach has been hugely effective in overcoming professional isolation and developing a collaborative community spirit. To support our students and teachers, we made sure that events already on the school calendars continued to take place, adapted to the online environment; these events boosted morale and school spirit and we are all delighted that the impact has been continued improvement and a successful year for our students. We wish them well for the next stages of their education and lives.”


31 / 08 / 20