Globeducate students across the world raised awareness of endangered species with WWF, celebrating the conservation charity´s Wear it Wild Day.

The event had been planned to take place in schools but despite campus closures due to Covid-19, Globeducate students and teachers dressed up, wore animal-themed masks, and some raised money as well as having fun and raising awareness.

Our world is under threat like never before. Globally we are all using the planet´s resources faster than nature can restore itself. Wear it Wild is a WWF fundraising event that aims to inspire thousands of people, young and old, to dress up wild and donate or raise awareness, in order to help nature and people thrive for future generations.

At Nobel International School Algarve, Portugal, Primary school students attended a virtual assembly and shared artistic work, costumes, masks and poetry.  In Coruña British School in North Western Spain, students baked cakes and even decorated their home-school rooms in vibrant jungle-themed styles, and students turned their home-screen backgrounds to wildlife themes during lessons. In Italy, students at Southlands International School used seeds and nuts to create striking images of endangered species.

In Canada, Blyth Academy students took to their screens with creative visuals and masks, and our Mississauga campus students held a virtual bingo night and raised more than CAD $300. In France, Upper Primary students in EIB Monceau Primary School, Paris, got creative with words, writing short pieces about endangered animals such as a tiger cub that was kidnapped and put in a circus, and Nursery aged children looked at books about how and where endangered animals live. Students at ICS Paris decorated their hair and made hats to celebrate the day!

Education Director Oanh Crouch said, “Young people will inherit a world shaped by the actions we take today so we must act now and protect our planet. Our pupils and teachers were all really excited to be involved in WWF´s Wear it Wild and were inspired to get involved in this fun event, raise awareness, and help spread the more serious message that we all need to take action. This was just one of many events that took place this term with WWF.”

Louise Hall, WWF-Uk spokesperson, said: “It was incredibly inspiring to see so many Globeducate schools take part in Wear it Wild to help protect our planet this summer term. We are the first generation of people to know the impact of what we are doing to the planet, and that last that has a chance to do anything about it. At WWF, we hope that Globeducate´s participation will motivate others to take part and support the campaign.”

WWF´s Living Planet report 2020 comes out in the Autumn, following the 2018 report that showed that wildlife populations had declined by over half in less than 50 years. This is an annual event that formed one part of Globeducate´s commitment to support WWF.

20 / 07 / 20