We are delighted to welcome Cambridge House Community College in Valencia to Globeducate. This highly distinguished British international school, with a roll of 1,700 students, was the first in Spain to gain joint BSO (British School Overseas) and NABSS (National Association for British Schools in Spain) accreditation, and we congratulate the students and staff on their excellent A-level results this summer, with a 100 per cent pass rate and 85 per cent of students achieving A* to C.

Founded in 1986 in a small country house, the school grew and developed its resources, facilities and teaching methodology to evolve for the needs of modern learners and is now regarded as one of the best international schools in Spain. Students aged three to 18 attend the school and follow the English National Curriculum. Year 12 and 13 students can take A-levels and gain accreditation for the Spanish Baccalaureate, or follow the Higher National Diploma (HND) route to university, giving the opportunity for vocational management specialisms in Business, Sports or Hospitality.

As with other British international schools in the group, the values of perseverance and decision-marking skills, along with developing creativity, independent thinking and a positive attitude to life are a core part of the learning experience for Cambridge House Community College students.

The school has been a highly respected and successful centre of learning for students in the local and Valencian community for nearly 30 years, and also offers a community college that gives access to external students in music, arts, languages and sports education programmes.

Concha Cruz, Whole School Leader, said: “It was vitally important to us to be part of a group that recognises that the heart of any school is its staff, where team members are valued, supported and given opportunities to develop. We look forward to being able to meet colleagues in Globeducate and to work with WWF, LEGO Education (R) and Eco Schools, and to be able to involve our students and staff in the many exciting Globeducate events and learning communities.”

Carolina Rodríguez Inciarte, CEO of Globeducate Spain and Andorra, said: “Cambridge House Community College was a natural fit for Globeducate. The school is a leader in its field, recognised by international awards and accreditations, and I look forward to working closely with the team there. I know that everyone at Globeducate will give Cambridge House Community College staff and families a warm welcome and I would like to thank the team there for working with us on beginning the journey of integrating the school with Globeducate. We are very pleased to start this new journey together.”

10 / 09 / 21