The Globeducate Wellbeing Programme for Mind, Body and Spirit  launched on January 18th in nine countries for all of Globeducate’s employees. It has been designed to support colleagues in feeling as healthy, fulfilled and inspired as possible during the coming months and beyond.

The need to safeguard everyone´s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing is a top priority for Globeducate. Wellbeing is critical in any organisation; when we are all physically and mentally fit, we are are more resilient to stress from the pandemic and we can benefit from clear and creative thinking, sound decision-making, effective workflow management and we can maintain great relationships at work despite remote working in many of our teams.

On a global level, mental health has worsened due to COVID-19, with more people than ever before reporting being more stressed, anxious and depressed. With our bespoke programme, with carefully selected course leaders, we will create opportunities for everyone to relax, to feel invigorated, to learn a new skill, build confidence and encourage a sense of community across all the teams in different countries. From yoga and Zumba, to photography and Personal Mastery, the programme creates the opportunity to make new friends and contacts through sharing interests and experiences.  Courses also include a virtual leopard safari in Sri Lanka, an online Treasure Hunt of Barcelona, and a taster course in Communicating with Confidence. And there´s more to come !

In addition, we are also all responsible for looking after our own mental and physical health at home. Hazel Farrer, is our programme tutor for Personal Mastery and shares the following tips on maintaining a healthy mindset:

  • Communicate – with family or close friends, have a zoom coffee, check up on how they are, chat to keep in touch
  • Keep active – stretch regularly throughout the day, go for a walk, try yoga or a zoom class for fun
  • Eat the right foods – what gives you energy, builds your strength and helps your immune system?
  • Connect with nature– interact with nature’s immune boosters, improve your oxygen uptake, feel happier outside
  • Disconnect from the screen – take regular screen breaks, switch off an hour before bed, try non computer hobbies
  • Look after your mental health – find things to laugh at, try a mindfulness course, download a meditation app
  • Go to work – if at home, get dressed for work, create work time routines, have a work space, don’t work in bed
  • Find time to do the things you love – put in some nourishing and fun things, take out some of the depleting things
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – embrace changes as a chance to grow at this time. This too will pass
  • Control what you can – let go of the rest, use this time to see what’s important, who’s important and treat yourself as important

The trial phase for our wellbeing programme runs in January and February, and our plan is to launch a more extensive programme in the near future.  We hope to support all employees in feeling their best selves.

15 / 01 / 21