A group of five students at Hattemer 8 ème achieved significant recognition by Eco-Schools, awarding the school its Eco-Écoles Green Flag for a project that brings together students in Paris with school children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and which raised €200 during the last academic year.

The “Sunga Bana” project involves Hattemer 8ème students working with École Kama in Kinshasa, the capital city of DRC, which has 30,000 street children and orphans and those living by themselves, to improve the daily life of this generation.  A team from MCSD Association, who are instrumental in the relationship between Paris and Kinshasa, visited the school to meet the students and the project was presented to Eco-Écoles along with other sustainability education activities.

Rémi Debiais, Hattemer 8 ème teacher in charge of this project said, “The education sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo is in dire need of support – no school books, no blackboard to write on, no toilets, no offices with equipment. Education is a fundamental human right – an education that promotes peace, tolerance and the development of girls and boys to help them find work in the future and to eliminate poverty.  The project we are working on addresses the inequalities of the sexes in education and ensures that even the most vulnerable are given opportunities to access all levels of education.  All children should know how to read, write and count, and acquire the knowledge and competencies necessary to ensure continued socio-economic development.

“Our students were proud to have the opportunity to raise money and awareness of these children in need and were proactive in setting up a second-hand clothes donation event along with drinks and cakes, all to raise money for this project. We hope, in the future, to form a virtual relationship between our students and a group of students at École Kama and perhaps one day we will even be able to visit. The students find the project very rewarding and it echoes the vision of being a Globeducate school, encouraging all activities that promote global citizenship and the opportunity for individual students to make a personal impact on improving the lives of others.”

16 / 09 / 20