Move over Cannes Film Festival! Students at ICS London competed in the Independent Schools Association  Film and Digital Art Competition 2021 and wowed judges from One Day Film School with their storytelling, creativity and digital animation skills.

ICS London Diploma 1 students, aged 16 to 17, won the ISA award in their category of “Computer Animation” and their younger counterparts from Year 1, aged 5 to 6, were runners up in the same category for their age group.

The stop motion film was created by the Year 1 class when they were following the unit, “How we express ourselves” using storytelling. It was an interdisciplinary unit encompassing Music and Art units. These young creatives each took a section of the well-known children’s story, “The Three Little Pigs” and animated it using stop motion. The students used iMovie to add sound effects and voices using the voice record function on Garage Band. Year 1 student Yuval received an individual prize for her digital artwork which she created using Seesaw, the school’s online portfolio platform. Yuval was inspired by the art work of Andy Goldsworthy.

At the senior end of the school, congratulations went to four Diploma 1 students, Winston, Marcus, Boris and Sophia, for their creative piece, “Master Armourer”. Their short film was entirely produced and edited by the students as part of their CAS project: “Creating stories for Primary School Students.”  Judges received more than 200 entries for this category.

The ISA Film & Digital Art Competition is held annually and is a fantastic opportunity to use both creative and technical skills combined to produce art works in the digital genre. Congratulations to our young, talented film-makers!


02 / 08 / 21