Globeducate teachers stayed focused on ecological issues, even during the school holidays. James Benson, Assistant-Principal for ICS London, was invited to take part in the Greener Futures panel.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper joined forces with Legal and General, a leading UK financial services company, to hold a panel discussion entitled ‘Greener Futures’, one of six online sessions looking at important social problems facing us today. This particular session looked at the environmental crisis and James Benson, who teaches physics and is also the Eco-Schools coordinator for International Community School, London, was invited to sit on the panel as a representative for the teaching profession.

The ´Greener Futures´ campaign aims to encourage people to protect, respect and connect with our planet. Talking about the role of education, James expressed his enthusiasm for the project, and hopes that students and other teachers in Globeducate schools can become involved with similar events in the future.

He said, “The panel discussion featured representatives from green activist groups, industry and the media. It was genuinely fascinating to hear from people at the forefront of the climate change movement; I was able to voice the concerns expressed by many of our students, and to contribute to a productive discussion on the best way forward.”

Giles Gibbons, Founder of Good Business, talking about this campaign, told The Telegraph: “January 2020 felt like an exciting time for the relationship between business and society. New decade: a marker in time. Ten years to the deadline for progress against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Climate change in the headlines and in the boardrooms. We saw a flow of announcements that month from companies about their sustainability ambitions – from net-zero targets to radical packaging reduction goals. It felt like the moment had come. We know what happened next. A health crisis of phenomenal proportions hit. By March, at least one-third of the world´s population was in lockdown. And, while much remains unknown, the gradual reopening of economies will herald a new set of problems for businesses forced to shutter their doors.

“What does all this mean? In the recession caused by the 2007 financial crisis, business responsibility took a backward slide. Many companies pushed social and environmental changes to the backburner. My view is that this time, it will be totally different.”

Globeducate´s mission to address the social, economic and environmental changes that are re-shaping our communities across the world brings tangible and achievable goals into the classrooms at ICS London and students have recently taken part in summits and webinars organised as part of the unique partnership between Globeducate and WWF, the world´s leading organisation in wildlife conservation and endangered species.

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17 / 09 / 20