Seoyeon Cheong scored 45/45, the perfect score, in her IB this summer at ICS Paris and goes to study Business Administration at Yonsei University, South Korea.

Why did you choose to study at this school?

I’ve always wanted to study in a multicultural and an international environment. When I had the chance to live and study in Paris, I came to know this school through acquaintances of my parents who had children studying in EIB Paris. l learnt that the school provides challenging but intriguing programs such as the IGCSE and the IBDP. Hence, I thought that I would be able to learn a lot from the school from an academic viewpoint. I also thought that it would be a good opportunity for me to interact with friends from different countries and thus broaden my perspectives and experience new cultures and ultimately enhance my development as an individual person.

How was your overall experience of studying at ICS Paris?

I can confidently say that the three years I’ve spent in ICS Paris will be one of the most valuable memories throughout out my life. This is not only because of the academic achievements I’ve made in this school but also because of the bonds I’ve made with my teachers and friends. Many of my teachers were always there to support and guide me when I really needed the help. Furthermore, thanks to my experience at ICS Paris, I was really able to improve my English oral skills and even learn a third language; French!

Can you tell us a memory from your school year?

Everyone would agree with the fact that year 2020 was an unprecedented and hectic year ! Being an IB2 student, the “Gilet Jaune” protests and the Corona pandemic, along with the online classes and the cancellation of the IB exam, were a lot to handle… All of these events were unexpected and there really were a lot of ups and downs throughout this academic year! However, looking back, I recall that under these circumstances I’ve tried my best to follow the IB curriculum. Fortunately, I did manage to perform well, thanks to my teachers who very kindly supported me.

What is your study project for next year?

My plan is now to study “Business Administration” at Yonsei University, South Korea, and to keep on improving my French.

Can you explain your choice?

Ever since taking business classes in 10th grade, I’ve always found “Business Administration” fascinating and intriguing. Also, through many group projects and presentations in business class, I really was able to develop a lot of self-confidence which made me love the subject itself. Hence, I’ve always wanted to study business in depth in university.

Can you tell us about your outstanding IB result of 45/45?

First of all, I want to thank every teacher and friend that supported and helped me throughout my two years of IB. I am personally shocked myself that I achieved this result! As an IB2 student, the academic year 2020 was a series of unexpected variables and events. I had to record my orals over ZOOM, receive feedback on my IA through emails. After receiving such grades, I cannot be more proud of myself for overcoming all these obstacles. I can definitely say that the process was not easy. I remember changing my ESS IA topic 2 weeks before the deadline, muddling around to figure out the right ARR formula for my business IA and so on. After going through all these experiences, I really want to emphasise the importance of studying persistently and focusing on the IA. Preparing for the IB exam is not something that you can do last minute. And believe me, 20 per cent value of the IA can really influence your final subject grades! What I really want to get across is that I am not special. But, I can confidently say that I have always tried my best for one small quiz in class, homework and writing an IA which is only 20 per cent worth of the final subject grade. I think that this is the most important factor to remember on your way to receiving your dream score! I hope the best for all IB2 students of 2021, 2022, 2023 in ICS Paris!

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21 / 09 / 20