Rome International School Year 12 IB student Yuliya Amosava, was one of 25 students in Italy to receive the “Standard Bearer of the Republic” certificate from Sergio Mattarella, President of the Republic.

The award honours students under the age of 18, who represent the model student, and those who are supporting the community in their own way. Yuliya volunteers with the Italian Red Cross and has been able to bring her experiences from an environmental emergency in Belarus to inform her in her civil protection work.

Yuliya was recognised for how she transformed painful and personal experiences from Belarus and the country´s environmental emergency due to Chernobyl, into a path of individual growth, solidarity and full integrationinto Italian society. She has shown herself as a community builder, committed to her causes and couraeous and supportive of others.

Graham Thompson, Headteacher of Rome International School, said: “We are all incredibly proud of Yuliya and the positive contribution that she brings both to our school and to the society in which we live. She is an example to us all and has shown us how adversity can be overcome. The invaluable work that she is doing exemplifies our holistic approach that empowers students to help build a more equal, fair and sustainable world.”

When Yuliya was welcomed into Italy, she continued her studies and found a second family. This allowed her to understand the importance of opening up to others. She participated in a civil protection school camp and then attended a course to become a volunteer of the Italian Red Cross (CRI).

After being trained as a  member of the CRI, she participated in the “FOOD GOOD” project with Lidl.

The project took place over one month, in Italy, with four meetings with middle school students. The project was about good nutritional health and what can influence it.

Yuliya and two other CRI volunteers also conducted an informative lesson at the Mamiani High School, on road safety and education, with the consequences of using drugs and alcohol while driving. She also organised a lesson about life-saving manoeuvres focusing on what to do when someone is mentally or physically unwell.

She is working on organising new initiatives about the health risks of smoking and the dangers of alcohol abuse.

“I was honoured for having been able to transform difficult experiences of the first years of my life into a path of individual growth and openness to others.I have worked so enthusiastically and, in my committee, I have tried to promote ideas and carry out activities. I believe this is the reason for this recognition because I have understood the need to share one’s experiences with others and to show that we are ready to work and to commit ourselves to the community”.

Yuliya Amosava, Year 12 IB Student at Rome International School

02 / 02 / 21