TIPS Tiruppur

Located in the city of Tiruppur in southern India, TIPS Tiruppur is a co-educational, private international school, which actively promotes independent learning, creative thinking and academic excellence and offers a complete programme of extra-academic activities.

General information

  • Age: 2 to 16 years.

  • Curriculum: EYP, PYP, IGCSE.

  • Phone: +91-421-645-7777

  • Email:

  • Country India.

  • City: Tiruppur.

  • Address:No. 10/720, Arulpuram (Post), Tiruppur – 641605

An international focus

TIPS Tiruppur is a private international school located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu offering an internationally recognised curriculum to pupils from pre-school to 16 years old.

In contrast to more traditional schools, TIPS Tiruppur focuses particularly on the learning process. Thanks to a highly-qualified international teaching staff we help our students to achieve their full academic and personal potential at each stage of their education, tailoring our teaching methods to suit each child’s individual learning needs. The curriculum at TIPS Tiruppur is based on the IB Early Years Program (EYP) and Primary Years Program (PYP) and we work towards the British IGCSE examinations.

TIPS Tiruppur has two main buildings, one for pre-school pupils and the other for older students from Grades 1 to 10. Each building is equipped with cutting edge equipment and resources, including magnificent sports facilities, and the school offers a range of excellent services for students and their families including a dining room, boarding house and much more.

TIPS Tiruppur provides a balanced, all-round education and students are supported by a well-qualified and dedicated international teaching team. Alongside our academic work we also encourage our students to embrace values such as compassion, social awareness, tolerance and respect for diversity.

TIPS Tiruppur became part of the Globeducate Group in 2013, enabling our students, families, teaching and non-teaching staff to reap the benefits of becoming part of Globeducate’s wider international schools’ community.


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