Globeducate International Events

Globeducate schools offer students unique opportunities for true global readiness. Throughout the academic year, Globeducate regularly organises events in which schools from different countries take part. These are unique learning experiences which give an added value to the international preparation of our pupils, making them even more ready for the global world and more respectful towards other cultures. They are usually hosted by a family at the host school and have the chance to make new friends.

These international events are a vital part of the global preparation of the students, who acquire a universal and open vision of the world. They also pave the way for a higher degree of academic and professional mobility and a better understanding of today’s global problems. Thanks to the participation of schools from all over the world, the pupils improve their language skills while they interact with students from other countries and cultures. 

Globeducate International Events

Globeducate Model United Nations

A simulation of the United Nations during which students take on the role of delegates from different countries and debate global current affairs in English.

Globeducate International Music Festival

Students display their love of music, musical talent and performance skills during this week-long event.

Globeducate Academic Olympics

Students from different Globeducate come together to participate in friendly competition in subjects such as Maths, IT and Science, in a multicultural and inclusive environment.

Globeducate Olympic Games

An exciting and dynamic sports event in which teams and individuals compete in sports such as football, athletics and swimming, and sports local to the host school.

Globeducate Virtual Arts Competition

An online competition in which students get the opportunity to display their creativity and artistic talent.

Leadership Summit

An event designed for senior, sixth form students to develop leadership skills and confidence in public speaking with external speakers, workshops and team building activities.

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