Our Education Team

Daniel Jones

Chief Education Officer

Daniel Jones has been Chief Education Officer of Globeducate since 2016. He chairs several Globeducate school boards and with more than 30 years of experience in education, Daniel is responsible for the quality of the educational offering and strategy across the Globeducate network of schools. He has developed the Globeducate Platinum Standard – a bespoke school evaluation framework and development tool – and spends much of his time working closely with school leaders and teachers in our schools and leading professional development initiatives. Prior to his role with Globeducate he was a Headteacher, Inspector and Lead Inspector of Schools for NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain).

Oanh Crouch

Director of Education

Oanh joined Globeducate in 2019, bringing her extensive experience of teaching and leadership roles in the UK, Australia, Finland and Thailand - within the state, independent and international school settings. Oanh leads on teaching and learning projects, in-service training and coaching dialogue, curriculum development, global events and virtual learning communities. An expert in Organisational Learning and Development, she works closely with our schools, driving innovation. As an Educational Consultant at University of York, Oanh led on curriculum planning and development, she contributed to the work of the UK`s Education Endowment Foundation and has been a regular invited speaker on webinars and podcasts to the educational research community.

Monica Fontán

Assistant Director of Education

Monica has been a Head Teacher with Globeducate for three years and now brings her extensive experience of education leadership and teaching in International and British International Schools in the US and Spain to her role as Assistant Director of Education. Monica has a speciality in childhood psychology and is a specialist in primary and the EYFS curriculum, and is a certified parent and family coach.

Kathy Young

Chief Academic Officer, Canada

Kathy has worked in senior leadership roles for Globeducate´s Blyth Education group since April 2016 and was the Founding Principal of the group´s Waterloo campus. Skilled in coaching, classroom management, lesson planning, educational technology and a skilled public speaker, Kathy has established herself as a highly respected leader within the education management industry of Ontario. With a subject background in Mathematics and Computer Science, Kathy is passionate about working with school leaders and teachers to develop STEAM based programmes that encourage all students to excel. She drives development and creative curriculum planning in our Canadian schools and for Blyth Academy Online, our virtual high school.

Jean-Xavier Moreau

Director General of Hattemer and EIB

Jean-Xavier Moreau joined Globeducate Group in 2014 as Director General of Ecole Internationale Bilingue (EIB) and in 2020 became Director General of Hattemer. He brings significant experience in the fields of general and higher education to the role and was previously a senior civil servant in the French Ministry of Education and Chief of Staff of the Rector of the Versailles Academy for five years, and the Rector Chancellor of Paris Academy in 2009. Jean-Xavier became a school inspector in Paris in 2011 and was appointed Deputy Academic Director of the National Education Services of Val d´Oise in 2012. Passionate about education, and in particular project-based learning and the STEAM approach, Jean-Xavier holds a degree in Economics and Finance.

Dr Sonali Geed

Chief Academic Officer, India

Dr. Geed joined Globeducate in 2011, bringing more than 30 years of experience in education to her role. Specialising in curriculum planning and development, and faculty training and teaching for IB, CBSE, CAIE and other national and International Boards, Sonali played a vital role in placing our TIPS group of schools on the IB and Cambridge map and with her interest in cooperative learning approaches, she leads workshops on approaches to Evidence Based Teaching and Learning.  Sonali has been associated with IB schools as a Theory of Knowledge facilitator, and Coordinator since 1999 and leads the process of IB affiliation with the national and international boards for Asia and Middle East region of group schools.

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