Platinum Standard

Teaching and Learning 

Our Globeducate Platinum Standard is a quality control framework developed to ensure quality and excellence in each school, whatever the curriculum or country. This bespoke diagnostic programme was created by our Chief Education Officer Daniel Jones and is a tool used by Globeducate schools to evaluate the quality of the education they deliver. It allows school leaders to reflect on and benchmark our schools against the best practices of educational systems worldwide and on the high standards upheld by the group as a whole. 

The Globeducate Platinum Standard system is based on the evaluation of three key areas: 

  • Effectiveness of leadership  
  • Quality of learning 
  • Alignment with the Globeducate Mission and Value Proposition 


Our Teachers

Our teachers are the most important resource in any school. We believe that the best guarantee of success in education is any school is to ensure to make sure that learning is a continuous, active process for the teachers as well as for the students. All of our teachers participate in regular training, seminars and workshops, helping to maintain an effective and knowledgeable, world class teaching team. 

 The Globeducate Platinum Standard is key to supporting teachers to develop and continually improve teaching standards across the entire group.  

Central to the development of our staff are our virtual learning communities, led by our Education Director Oanh Crouch. Through this initiative, teachers from all over the world are able to connect, share best practices and collaborate with colleagues to create the best learning opportunities for our students. The learning communities also offer rewarding experiences for teachers to be able to feel part of a global team and to be able to draw on others’ expertise and creativity.   

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