World Outdoor Classroom Day took place on 5th November 2020. This is a global movement to make time outdoors part of every child´s day as teachers take children outdoors to learn.  Children are spending less time outdoors than ever before and this is affecting their health, wellbeing and love of the natural world. Time outdoors – on Outdoor Classroom Day and every day – will make children happier and healthier, as well as helping them form habits that will stick with them for life. They will have a love of the natural world and will take action to protect it.

Education Director Oanh Crouch launched the Globeducate Outdoor Learning Community in 2019. She explains, “The community of 20 schools, and growing, is built on the foundation of understanding the tremendous  benefits the outdoors offer for our students and teachers in their learning, well-being and happiness. It is also a great platform to provide our students with valuable opportunities to develop their skills of collaboration problem-solving and creative thinking.”

Activities included:

  • Walking Debate Club
  • Acting epic scenes from The Odysssey
  • Outdoor maths with 3D shapes and geometry in nature
  • Outdoor reading
  • Tree age estimations
  • Measuring and units of length
  • Parachute games
  • Planting garlic and gardening
  • Tallying with rocks and sticks
  • We´re Going on a Lion Hunt and rock art of African animals
  • Leaf and bark rubbings
  • Making bug hotels
  • Meditation
  • Pebble painting
  • Cloud formation studies
  • Storytelling
  • PE TikTok
  • Nature photography
  • Naturalist diaries and sketching
  • Vivaldi´s Four Seasons and composing new versions by using the environment as an instrument

Twelve Globeducate schools from France, Italy, Spain, UK and Canada celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day: ISN Nice, Southlands International School, Rome International School, Agora International School Madrid, Agora International School Barcelona, Agora Andorra International School, Agora Lledo International School, Colegio Areteia, O Castro British School, Coruña British School, ICS London and Blyth Academy Burlington.

 “The children loved being outdoors! For them, even though we go outside for the odd lesson here and there, it was such a different day being outside for so many lessons. They used vocabulary that they wouldn´t normally use because of the different learning environment which was great to see! I hope that we can incorporate more of these kinds of days and lessons throughout our school year.”
(Tammy Scott, O Castro British School, Spain)


“Thanks to the celebration of Outdoor Learning Day we were able to transmit to the children the importance of nature in our daily lives and how thanks to it we can enjoy a more manipulative, plural and interdisciplinary learning. It is a great way for children to have fun while learning and enjoying their environment.”
(Rocio Lisbona,  Agora International School Madrid)


“It was a nice day to be outside and away from the computer screens that children have been exposed to for months. It engaged children who were often talkative and unfocused giving them a constructive outlet to achieve.”
(Savana Armitage, Southlands International School, Rome)


“Now is a great time for classes to be taken outside. Not only is it much safer to be out in the open air but outdoor education has been proven to play a vital role in children’s emotional, behavioral and intellectual development – all factors that are particularly important right now.”
(Liam Barker, Southlands International School, Rome)


“Outdoor Activities are very important for the education nowadays. They allow the student to learn the contents of the curriculum (and new ones) in a different way, closer to the reality they can experience every day and so, in a more practical, funny and significant way. We also need to teach our students to respect the environment and make them more responsible with their ecological actions.”
(Eduardo Ubeda, Colegio Areteia, Spain)



24 / 11 / 20